About Me

Hey! I’m Yannik.

This homepage is mostly about Projects I have participated in during the last couple of years. Some of them within and some outside of school/university.

I have always been fascinated with Computer Science and found it pretty easy to adapt to the analytic perspective you take when programming Software. Hence my academic choice into the direction of Computer Science, and later Computer Science and Media was an easy decision and one I am still very glad about.

My second passion lies in the area of Computer Graphics which has changed greatly since my first contact with it about 10 years ago (animating a manikin with a demo edition of Cinema 4D). I have invested a lot of time getting to know the different proccesses, tools and concepts and also created one or the other computer animation myself. Even though I wasn’t able to completely dive into the creation of Computer Graphics, I’m still glad about having obtained a basic skill level in this area (especially now that I have discovered 3D printing ;P).

Some further interests of mine lie in the area of Graphics especially when it comes to HMI and usability.
But enough about me, I’d much rather let my Projects speak for themselves 😛